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Solar Water Heater

We turn Light into Heat. Shivam Brand Solar Water Heater is a Unique concept that can be used to capture sunlight in order to heat the water and to be used for baths, shower,Dish Washing, hot water cloth cleaning, Industrial Boilers and many more aplications.

Solar Water Heater

Our systems are engineered for long-term and reliable performance with little or no maintenance. The systems are designed for a wide range of physical and operating environments and are perfect for rural, suburban and metropolitan areas. Benifites are:

  • High efficiency with 93% solar absorption.
  • The tubes can be cleaned easily from inside, scales can be easily removed in case hard water.
  • Powder coted stand and outer tank with PUF insulation to ensures low conduction and convection losses to atmosphere.
  • Low cost and long life with High temperature.
  • Less scale with biger tube diameter.
  • Beter insulation with evacuated glass tubes that Works on the principle of natural Thermasiphon Circulation
  • Can be used in Household Water Heating, hotel, Hospital, Hotel & Restaurant Industrial and Commercials, Institutional, Swimming pool, Health Club etc.
  • Available Capacity: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 1000 Litre

We are Manufacturer of Solar PV Panels