Solar Rooftop Systems

Commercial rooftops are prime real estate for solar roof tiles. Rooftops provide the opportunity to turn unused space into an energy-producing, cost-cutting asset. Our solar roof top products allow you to generate the most solar energy possible on your roof.

Our rooftop modules are built around the most efficient solar technology available. But we don’t stop there. Based on decades of real-world experience, we have carefully balanced panel tilt, panel spacing, system shading, and system mounting technology to arrive at innovative solar roof top modules that enable the greatest total energy production from limited roof space. This allows you to offset more of your electricity bill and realize the greatest savings on energy costs.

Benefits of solar rooftop system:

  • A house owner can install solar panel on the rooftop to meet his power needs
  • He can then sell the extra power generated to distribution companies
  • The owner can also rent out the space for setting up a solar power plant
  • In return, discoms will either pay in cash or give subsidy in the seller’s electricity bill

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